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Unbreakable: Dearka/Yzak

Note: Essay was written when Destiny was still very new.


Ah yes, a Gundam series. The initial thought would be all-out war and showy mecha, and you'd be about half right with that. Gundam SEED, however, also brings in character development as much as the former two. And the characters have so much depth to them, that you can't help but grow attached to and love them.

SEED's war revolves around two different types of people; Naturals and Coordinators. Naturals are like us -- completely normal people. Coordinators are humans whose genes were altered in the embryonic stages, thus giving them the ability to learn much more and at a better rate than a Natural, as well as giving them a much better physical strength against illness.

The first Coordinator, George Glenn, told the world what was done to him, and many people followed in his steps. Glenn was also part of a space colony formation, which, in simple terms, is this: hourglass space colonies called PLANTs were originally made to be plantations, but as tensions rose between Naturals and Coordinators, the Coordinator race started moving to the PLANTs to dwell.

Like any Gundam series, we have the mobile suits and the start of a war, this time caused by the assassination of George Glenn and the nuclear bombing of a PLANT called Junius 7, where countless civilians lost their lives. On a side note, after this, PLANT sent Neutron Jammers all over the Earth, prohibiting the use of nuclear weapons thereafter, which also caused the Earth massive energy crises.

The Earth Alliance was then building strong mobile suits called G-Units (They aren't called Gundams in the series. The word Gundam was first used in SEED by Kira Yamato, when he read the first letter of each word in the OS startup screen, General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver System). OMNI (Natural army) was building these machines in a neutral colony called Heliopolis, owned by ORB (a neutral country on Earth). ZAFT (Coordinator army) caught onto their plan, and sent in a team of pilots to raid, and ultimately steal, four out of the five Gundams. Yzak Jule became pilot of the stolen Duel Gundam, and Dearka Elthman became that of the Buster Gundam.

Yzak Jule

Yzak Jule is the son of Ezaria Jule, who is a member on PLANT's Supreme Council, which governs PLANT and owns ZAFT. Yzak is part of the Klueze squad, and wears the red uniform. This means he graduated military training in the top five of his class. When we meet him, he's arrogant and high-strung, doesn't like taking orders from his comrades (Athrun Zala, namely), and has a very short temper. Yzak strives to be the best and get things done, such as their mission of destroying the Strike Gundam (which was the one Gundam out of the five not stolen. It was instead used by the Earth Alliance and piloted by Kira Yamato, who is Athrun Zala's childhood friend). Because of Athrun's hesitation back then to not want to really kill Kira, the Strike constantly got away from them. This infuriated Yzak, so he took it out on Athrun (whom he has always had a jealous streak for, having graduated second in his class to Athrun's first).

Yzak got along best with Dearka throughout the series, and as it continued on, Yzak stayed as he was. He got a scar on his face from the Strike at one point as well, which worsened his bad attitude. Everything started to turn at episode 29, when their comrade, Nicol, was killed by Strike. Though his death impacted them all, Yzak was still seemingly the same vengeance-bent boy he always was.

But what happened after that was what developed Yzak's character wonderfully until the end of the series; Dearka and Athrun went MIA, leaving Yzak alone. In reality, Dearka had gotten captured, and Athrun had self destructed his Gundam and fled, getting picked up by ORB afterward and getting returned to ZAFT. After Athrun was sent back to ZAFT, he was promoted and was assigned a new mobile suit and mission, so Yzak still wound up alone, despite one of his comrades coming back. After these events, Yzak didn't hold much of an attitude toward him anymore. What we saw of him after that seemed eerily calm.

Later, he winds up finding out that Dearka was alive, and fighting for the now neutral Archangel, and their ORB/ZAFT neutral Alliance (joined together to "end" the war instead of "win" it). He was shocked and angry, so called Dearka a traitor and pulled a gun on him. Despite this, he would not shoot him, and let him go without a word; he was obviously very happy to know he was alive, but extremely torn, because their respective loyalty to the sides they were on meant that they would have to be enemies. After that they strayed from each other in battle. And once everything started spiraling into confusion, they wound up saving each other.

In the end, according to the OVA, Yzak became part of ZAFT's council. But according to Destiny, he is a Commander of his own ship and squadron. He still has the short temper (as we see when he sees Athrun again), but overall understands the situations around him better, so he has matured a lot from the beginning of the series.

Dearka Elthman

Dearka is the son of Tad Elthman, who, like Ezaria Jule, is part of PLANT's Supreme Council. He is part of the Klueze squad, and also wears the red uniform. Dearka is more laid back than Yzak is, but is just as much of a snarky asshole at times. While he usually follows his orders, he only remarks on Athrun or something else of the like when Yzak has already taken the liberty of jumping in to start.

We never really get to know much about Dearka during the first half of the series; unlike Yzak and Athrun, he didn't seem as impacted by Nicol's death, but was still willing to head out to take down the Strike for it. In that same battle, his Gundam was taken down by one of the Archangel's units, and Dearka surrendered himself to them. He kept his cool, which proved to be a very bad idea, as he was almost killed by one of the crewmembers from a smart remark, guessing that her boyfriend was dead from her crying, which was right.

Up until the ship he was on took refuge in the neutral nation it would soon join forces with, Dearka was stuck in a prison cell, with nothing else to do except wait. Once the renegade ship went to ORB, and the nation was under attack by the Earth Alliance, Dearka was released, but seeing the battle before him, he got back into his Gundam to help them out. Ultimately, he stayed with the Archangel, with his own sentiments of that they'd still be fighting the Earth Alliance, like he had in ZAFT.

Unlike Yzak, who thought someone else was piloting Buster, Dearka knew that it was still his old friend in there. He didn't want to fight against him, and knowing Yzak's temperament too well, yet hoping their bond of friendship would stay strong, he asked to speak outside of their mobile suits, and despite having a gun pointed at him, Dearka stayed brave, probably knowing well enough that Yzak wouldn't shoot him.

In the end, according to the OVA, Dearka goes back to PLANT as one of Yzak's bodyguards. However, in Destiny, he's wearing a green ZAFT uniform, is part of Yzak's squadron, and is seemingly Yzak's second in command. Dearka's snarky side doesn't seem too present anymore, so he appears more laid back.

Pairing + Evidence

So we know from the above that they're best friends. So where does the pairing come into play? Well, it isn't canon, for starters, but neither is any other pairing dealing with either of them. A lot of people ask "Why can't they just be best friends to the fans?” but in turn the question "Why can't their relationship be interpreted as more?" is of equal caliber. They have enough interaction as best friends that can easily be interpreted as more.

The bishounen factor in their relationship, like any yaoi pairing, is always a plus and quite possibly one of the leading reasons to get people into their fandom. Some people also like their clashing personalities; same in that smart-ass way, but Yzak's short temperament and Dearka's ability to keep it cool is what sets them apart. And judging by how good of friends they are proves the saying that opposites attract. Yzak explodes and starts screaming, and nobody but Dearka tries, or even succeeds in calming him down.

In addition, there is enough evidence for their pairing to choke a horse with in the actual series. Through the whole series before their separation, they were constantly together, though more in the background while the series focused on others. But the point in putting them together in the background, I think, is to give you that unconscious feel that they're close in order for the events that happen later in the series to feel natural and not forced. Up until Dearka was captured, he barely had his own opinion on things; but when it came to group comments he agreed with Yzak on every single thing. The couple of times in the series Yzak leaves the room angry, Dearka follows, which, as I bet a lot of people think, makes you wonder what goes on after that.

He laughs at the sometimes cruel things Yzak says. They also room together. At one point Dearka remarked on his bickering toward Athrun, and Yzak, seemingly miffed, held himself back enough to not yell at him. Which, judging from Yzak's normal attitude, says something if he doesn't get angry at Dearka for things he could quite possibly throw a tantrum over otherwise.

When Yzak winds up alone, he speaks of Dearka and Buster in a few battles (as in, "I'm not like Buster!" and "This is for Nicol and Dearka!"). Later in the series, when he actually sees Buster fighting along-side the Strike, he gets infuriated, thinking back to Dearka, and attacks, yelling, "How dare you use Dearka's unit!” When Yzak finally figures out that the pilot never changed, he looked completely shocked, and asked Dearka why he was doing this. Despite his anger at his best friend over fighting along-side their former enemy, Yzak says himself that he was happy that he was alive. But after so long thinking that he was dead, it came as a such a shock that Yzak couldn't think straight. Freedom's sudden appearance straight after didn't help the matter, either.

When he pulls a gun on Dearka and calls him a traitor, after the both of them had met face to face outside of their mobile suits, Dearka didn't seem too nervous. A bit surprised, yes, but he didn't waver, which proves that before Dearka went missing, the two of them were close enough that he would know Yzak wouldn't shoot him. Yzak's main question toward him was "Why?" And how could anyone not see anything more between them from Yzak's face when Dearka leaves? He let him go without trying to stop him in the least, and he looks simply crushed when he goes. Athrun, who was his friend as well (despite his outward dislike toward him) and Lacus Clyne, who was a very well known idol on PLANT; Yzak wasn't anywhere near as torn over anybody else but Dearka over defecting.

The other pair of best friends (and another widely liked yaoi pairing), Kira and Athrun, went through in the beginning of the series what Dearka and Yzak went through toward the end: fighting opposite each other and having to label each other enemies. Kira and Athrun wound up fighting, whereas after the events when Yzak discovered Dearka was alive again, the both of them did not attempt to fire to kill, and Yzak looked more nervous than anything when he was to go out into the battlefield again. Quite the contrary, they wound up helping and saving each other numerous times. And those moments in themselves really added to the whole deepness between them.

First was Dearka saving Yzak from the Raider Gundam (an Earth Alliance MS). Yzak had gotten attacked and distracted by a mass of mobile suits, and Raider came up behind Duel to shoot at it. Before Yzak had time to react, a stray shot came up from behind Raider to stop it. Here we see Buster, and Dearka, smiling, and Yzak looks surprised at his aid. The second was the double-teaming against Forbidden Gundam, where Duel protects another mobile suit from it and then attacks Forbidden head on. We randomly see Dearka/Buster shooting at it to help out. Yzak gets shot at and we see an explosion, and for that moment you see a shocked Dearka (the same surprise the viewers had gotten in thinking that it got destroyed). But Yzak's suit had just gotten its armor destroyed and came out of the fire to finish its attack. While the latter wasn't an exact defining moment for them, Dearka was still nearby at the time, and was shown a number of times in the scene reacting to what Yzak was doing.

What took the cake in terms of any hint toward a relationship between them was the final episode of Gundam SEED. An enemy totaled Dearka's Gundam, and Yzak (who by that time was down most of his own weapons) saved him. When we see Dearka get attacked, we get one of your collective gasps from the crew members on the ship he is with, but it's Yzak who gets his own, all for himself reaction toward this, where he screams his name and rushes in to protect him. Buster was pretty much gone, and unable to move on its own, only one of its guns left intact; and when Duel got closer to Buster, the Raider Gundam returned and started firing at both of them. It destroyed Duel's last weapon, and all it's left with are two very small guns mounted on its head, and even then, Yzak doesn't move, and instead tries firing that at Raider to protect Dearka. Even at the possible cost of his own life, Yzak doesn't move, which can prove he has a deep devotion for Dearka to be ready to die for him. But with that last intact gun Buster had, Yzak used it to destroy Raider (neither of them could have been able to beat it on their own, so they had to work as one), and they both made it out alive. And despite the Archangel still not being on Yzak's good side, he boarded it with Buster to make sure Dearka got there safe again.

In the SEED OVA, they're together again on PLANT, and Dearka seems to be Yzak's bodyguard of sorts (the OVA was 5 minutes, therefore was rather vague on some things). Despite Dearka's defection in the series, he still went back, and is still in ZAFT, despite his ideals.

And in Gundam SEED Destiny, Yzak is a commander and Dearka is his second in command and part of his squadron. The fact that Dearka is still with him and in ZAFT after two years proves that even though he defected from ZAFT in the previous war, that he, as far as we know, was not forced back into the military; he's back on his own choice. He and Yzak still have each other's backs, and I think further evidence for them as a pairing is in Yzak appointing Dearka and trusting him enough to be his second in command, especially after Yzak knew Dearka had become a "traitor" to ZAFT in the past. That's the main point I'm trying to make with that; we know that they're friends, but seeing as the higher-ups would know of what Dearka did, Yzak still chose him, and that could have been seen as a bad choice for him to these people. But he did it anyway, despite what anyone else would have done.

There was also a pre-series drama-made-manga that focused on Yzak and his rivalry toward Athrun Zala, but Dearka, being his roomie, played a considerably big part in it. We get to see how they work together sharing the same space. Although Yzak is obviously annoying to stay with constantly, with his bickering and tantrums, Dearka seems somewhat used to it. Also in the manga, Dearka actually tries to help him out by telling him to play Athrun in something he was good at (the whole drama/manga is quite comical, actually), and then even approaches Athrun to ask him to lose once in a while to Yzak. He doesn't seem to mind being a "punching bag" for words and venting for Yzak so long as it calms him down.

More random hints or evidence? Together in various openings and endings. Anna Ni Issho Datta No Ni, Find the Way, Reason, Pride, Life Goes On and I Wanna Go to a Place, are the ones with them together; all of the others either show them right after one another or show their mobile suits together. In an art book their "nicknames" are Golden Gunner and Silver Duelist. Gold and Silver are two colors that compliment each other and fit the best together, much like they do.

Not to mention there are loads of images of them together; not necessarily in romantic or your standard “pairing” poses, but there aren't a lot like that of some pairings to boot, and there are a lot of Yzak and Dearka together (almost all of them) considering they're smaller characters in the series. Extra items or merchandising released usually comes out with something featuring both of them together (ID cards on a recently released single, and a set of figures where there are three sets of characters that "go" together. Two of them are official/advertised pairings in the series, and the third is... Yzak and Dearka. I see that as either a hint to something or just a nice big toy with our minds).

Well, I covered practically every aspect in the series pertaining to the both of them, and focused mainly on the stronger points between them that can totally point to the possibility of them having a relationship. Compared to the basis for other pairings in the SEED pool, Dearka and Yzak have quite a lot of backing to them, despite what people say. They were close, and stayed close, even though they both faced and had to deal with being apart from each other and on opposite sides; and they were both horribly torn over it. But nothing ever got between their bond, and nothing ever changed after it was all over.

So ... Why?

Why not? Everything I have pointed out can, and I'd even say does point to them having something a bit deeper than friendship. And this is coming from somebody who doesn't pay attention to pairings much at all for that matter, let alone yaoi ones. Dearka and Yzak was something I saw, and what got me into it was actually getting into the character's minds (read: role-playing and fan fiction). They balance each other out, and they're together so much that no matter what you do with them in fan fiction or whatnot it never seems wrong so long as those characteristics are there.

Aside from my attempt to try and explain how awesome they are, I asked some of my fellow DeaYza fans to give me some words on them too. I only asked for a couple of sentences or one paragraph, and I got way more than that, which is even better because that's how awesome they are.

They work so well together because their personalities balance. Yzak is aggressive and temperamental and Dearka is laid-back and passive until provoked. But at the same time, Dearka can be very arrogant and cruel and Yzak can be obnoxious and sarcastic. But they always seem to balance each other out.

There's a distinct chemistry (a bond if you will) between them that's so obvious it hurts. Right from the start it's plain to see that they work well together -- not only in battle situations but also in every day life. Yzak gets mad and Dearka calms him down. Yzak wants something and Dearka backs him up. In short, they watch each other's backs.

They also tend to talk to each other/call out each other's names in battle quite often. I think that speaks for itself.

I also love the fact that Dearka touches Yzak, or rather, that Yzak allows him to. Yzak isn't exactly a cuddly touchy-feely guy and yet Dearka can touch him and he doesn't even bat an eyelash. Who else gets close to Yzak like that? HIS MOM DOESN'T COUNT.

It's kind of like you can't have one without the other, really. Even in art books 99.9% of the time they're pictured together. Hell, in the endings for the series they're standing (or floating) next to each other. It leaves you with the impression that they mean something to one another -- that they're close. Inseparable, even. That also comes into play when Dearka "leaves" ZAFT and he and Yzak have a little confrontation about it. Even then, with the war around them and so many ideals and ways of life crumbling to pieces, they still can't separate from each other.

But none of it feels forced, you know? It feels natural to see them so close together. Like it's just something that always is and always will be.

And um, to be shallow and fan girly, they look beautiful together. The gold/silver thing is just appealing in all kinds of ways.
~ nivella @ livejournal

- - - - -

- Dearka seems to be the only person Yzak cares to interact with.
- Dearka puts up with all of Yzak's tantrums, and actually seems to know how to deal with them best.
- Prior to the famous gunpoint scene, Kira tells Dearka not to have a repeat of his fight with Athrun. By this, you can gather that their (Dearka and Yzak's) relationship is equal to the closeness of Kira and Athrun's whether you want to view it as boys' love or heterosexual.
- In Destiny, we know Dearka has returned to ZAFT and seemingly taken a demotion. Could it be this was for Yzak?
- Episode 24 in Destiny seems to indicate that Miriallia knows nothing of Dearka's whereabouts. Ho-ho-ho, official support for DeaYza!
- Official images have them rather touchy-feely with each other, not to mention the OP/ED sequences for "Pride" and "Life Goes On".
- Two words: Atsui Yuujou (aka hot friendship) XDDD
~ merueru @ livejournal

- - - - -

Although I haven't openly declared myself a fan of the pairing, I can honestly say that I do like it. The reason why I like the pairing is because of their dynamic. Dearka's cocky attitude matches Yzak's anger-management-necessary temperament near perfectly. It is obvious that throughout the series, the two get on very well, and that they understand enough of each other in order to cool the other down when one gets into a hissy fit or in a situation in which they need to look objectively -- as objectively as those two can look at things, that is.

Unlike the common accusation that fans develop pairings that have no meaning, this pairing does. Dearka and Yzak obviously share a bond with each other; whether it be love or otherwise is up to the watcher/reader to infer, but they do care deeply about each other. If not, then why the reaction on Yzak's part when he found out that Dearka wasn't dead? I do not remember much of Gundam SEED, but that scene sticks out in my mind quite possibly for the fact that it showed that Yzak actually had another feeling within himself that wasn't anger, rage, or sarcasm. He was actually worried (scared, even) about his friend/comrade/lover/whatever you wish to say about them.

In the end, the two feed off each other. Both are incredibly intelligent individuals, and I do not think that it is through parental patronage alone that got Yzak appointed to the High Council and Dearka his right-hand man (although I am probably venturing into another essay unto itself).
~ prushrush @ livejournal

- - - - -

DeaYza is one of those pairings where even if you insist that they're not a couple, there's too much evidence indicating that they are, at the very least, more than “just friends”. Even if you were to try and pair them off into heterosexual relationships, say, Yzak/Shiho and Dearka/Miriallia, there would still have to be that undeniable bond between them that makes them partners, or even soul mates.

'Soul mates' is a pretty good word to describe them. They compliment each other's faults and strengths, and are the only people who seem to truly understand each other, physically and emotionally. It doesn't have to imply a romantic relationship, but it can.
~ kagu_chan @ livejournal

- - - - -

Yzak has cool hair, just like Akira from Hikaru no Go. And I'm sure you've noticed those amazingly beautiful blue eyes of his. I like his attitude; he makes me laugh. For instance, when he destroys everything because Athrun beat him at chess in one of the drama CDs.

And Dearka... to me he looks like a real ladies' man; the kind who could get anyone. I mean, come on, he has a tan! How can you resist the tan? And he would totally own at DDR!

As for them as a pairing… though the yaoi fan girl in me died a while ago, I must say that the idea of them together is hot. I'm actually a Dearka x Miriallia fan... but there's just "something" between these two guys that no one can deny, whatever it is.
~ sapphireluna @ livejournal

- - - - -

First of all, Yzak is an amazing character. He bitches most of the time but deep down he's very reliable. On the other hand, Dearka is the cool and sarcastic type. From their personalities alone, they both fit together. We have the brash and arrogant guy who needs some "cooling down" from his even-tempered friend *cough*lover*cough*. Even if they both act like complete war freaks, they surprisingly act gentle towards each other (note the last few episodes of Gundam SEED) because they've had enough tragedy and they don't want to hurt the other's feelings.

Basically, Yzak needs someone to tone down his temper, and Dearka needs someone to rely on, someone who will be faithful no matter what. And that's why this pairing rocks.
~ mushroom18 @ livejournal

- - - - -

Dearka and Yzak fit together. Not necessarily in that way, although, you know, that's hot, but the dynamic between them is just perfect. Yzak is a spastic, pasty little firecracker. Dearka is cool, calm, and collected. When Yzak would mouth off, Dearka just laughed; Dearka can take whatever Yzak is spouting off and make it better (as seen on the drama CD). Quite simply, there's no one in the series who could live happily ever after with Yzak better than Dearka (or, really, live long at all with Yzak). And as for Dearka? I think Yzak amuses him. ~ crazythorn @ livejournal

- - - - -

As for proof... I think After-Phase said it all. Dearka had a big choice to make at the end of the war. After all, he wouldn't have been the only Klueze pilot to defect from ZAFT and go chasing after an ORB girl. But he chose to return to ZAFT (as a traitor, no less) and face whatever punishment there was so he could remain with a certain newly appointed member of the Supreme Council.

Really, the two of them need each other. They've been through so much together, and each has been the only constant in the other's life (which is what made Dearka's brief defection so uber-painful). Plus, their personalities are so similar... sure, Yzak has a bigger mouth, but Dearka is an active participant in all their scheming.

Oh, and they're pretty. That too. :)
~ amberdawg @ livejournal

- - - - -

These words can say things I could not think of while writing this essay, so with these quotes (and I super ultra thank you people who replied, I really appreciate it), that definitely covers different aspects and views of their pairing, which I wanted to show. I think just having one person's view on the fandom isn't as good as many views on it, since we all make up the fandom.

Either way, this is just my part in spreading the DeaYza love, and hopefully we can get more backers to this surprisingly still rather small fandom. ^_^ Since the basis for them is great and obviously strong, not to mention that I can say from the people I have met that the fandom is made up of really nice and awesome people (much like the ones who I quoted).

As I'm finishing up now, I'm wishing all of Destiny was done airing so I'd have even the smallest bit more to work with for this essay in terms of closeness, words and other things. But hey, of you get into the pairing and check my shrine I'll definitely be updating with every new thing for them that comes up.

Dearka and Yzak were thrown into situations they would have never dreamed of, yet through it all, they both had one another in mind, even though they had to consider themselves "enemies" at one point. Nothing ever even came from the enemy label, and that proves that not even something as big as that could break or even bend what they had between each other. Nothing changed when they wound up together again, and they still hold that bond, and even tightened it over the course of the two years of no war. They're amazing as individual characters, but you simply cannot have one complete without the other.

Links and Other DeaYza places of interest

DEAYZA - The official community on LJ dedicated to the pairing. XD Made by me, and we always need more fans and followers, so feel free to join and post whatever!

GUNDAMSEEDYAOI - General yaoi Gundam SEED community, for all slash pairings pertaining to the fandom.

I can't recommend fan fiction since I'm not the one to really say what's good or bad with them, since it's all in the individual's opinion.

I own the C2 for the Dearka/Yzak pairing, where I'm trying to archive every piece of fan fiction on the site with them. If I absolutely have to point out some things, I'd say reading Shiho Hahnenfuss' and Draconicality's fics.

The fan fiction section on my shrine has some others that aren't on ffnet.

My shrine dedicated to Dearka/Yzak made totally randomly and because they deserved to get a shrine because they're so awesome.

There's also the Dearka and Yzak fanlisting, also owned by me (>_>;).

As for Japanese fan art sites and doujinshi circles, I've listed a few I really like so everyone else can see the prettiness. is my favorite doujin circle. Not only is the art awesome, but the during series DeaYza stories and even after series ones were well made and very enjoyable.

Oceanarium is my favorite fan art site. Ever. The Gallery section has different things that mainly focus on Dearka/Yzak.

Tommy Works is a doujin circle I love as much as Nattsu, in terms of art, and story. I only have one by them since they seem to be hard to find, but what I do have I love.

Vespa is another doujin circle I like a lot.

Mission to Z has almost daily oekaki-esque art mainly with Dearka and Yzak either spoofing off something that happened in the series or other random things. The log section has much more art with them.

Dearka/Yzak Chinese forum where there are fics and art posted among a bunch of other things. While I don't know Chinese, it's still fun using ghetto online translators to get a better understanding of how nice (and I mean nice) the fandom there is. :D As well as to see what their views are for them in the series and stuff.

Lastly, SUTORAIKU! forums. An English fandom forum mainly made for the SEED fandom and partially owned by me (admin Yzak there). So I'm inviting anyone new or anyone looking for a nice place to join up there, since I'm always in need of more DeaYza fans joining up and joining in on discussions about them. =D