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With a fandom like Dearka/Yzak, doujinshi is a wonderful way to delve into the pairing, some of these stories and artworks are amazing. And since Dearka/Yzak is still a rather small, unappreciated fandom, and don't have enough in this sort of area, I decided to put up some from my collection. Some of these are NC-17, so um. :P Yes you will be warned for that.

If you like any of these teaser scans, please go out to buy these doujinshi yourselves to support the artists! I don't put up full scans, but I will help anybody out in any way that I can in terms of where to buy some.

Heliopolis (cover)
Artist: Nanao Kurume

A pre/during/after Phase-01 doujinshi. The Klueze-team break in their new red elite military uniforms (scan). They meet their commander, and Rusty breaks up a fight between Athrun and Yzak, and seems to get along fairly well with the rest of the team. After the raid on Heliopolis, they find out that Rusty was killed (scan) and all break down about it; Yzak being the worst. Dearka calms him down and he rests for a bit, and then tells Dearka that he better not die. (scan)

Hyperalgesia (cover)
Circle: Ultimate Powers
Artist: RURU

This takes place after Yzak takes his bandage off of his face, he's really pissed off about it and Dearka follows him to see if he's okay. Yzak tells him that it hurt at first, but not as much as his pride is hurt over losing so badly to Strike. (scan) Dearka jokes and tells him that his vow to take it down and not remove the scar until then is never going to happen, and that the way he obsesses over Strike like he does makes him jealous. Yzak calls him an idiot and then kisses him; (scan) and just as Dearka gets the mind to respond, Yzak bites him and wipes some of the blood from the corner of his mouth with his finger. He makes a mock scar across Dearka's face and asks him if he'll be able to remove that. (scan) Yzak leaves a dumbfounded Dearka who wonders to himself, and decides that something like that can't be removed.

Hoshikuzu no Machi (cover)
Circle: ROAD
Artist: Saori Fukutoku

This doujinshi takes place after Yzak gets his injury from the Strike Gundam. (scan) A worried Dearka goes to visit him in the infirmary to see how he's doing. Yzak is awake and overall, doing okay so they talk, and Dearka leans in to kiss him (scan) -- and eventually advance more than that despite Yzak's hesitation and somewhat snippiness. So, sex scene with pretty pretty art, (scan) and then afterward, the end is cute because Dearka helps Yzak reapply his bandages. (scan)