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About the Webmistress

Who are you?: I am Tara, twenty years old, live in Manhattan. Nothing else really interesting, there. XD Or if it was, I'm not keen on sharing it. I like SEED (obviously), Dearka/Yzak (even more obviously), traveling the city streets, condom hat optional. I'm a bit of a dork, and I'm pretty lighthearted. If you're a SEED fan, or a Dearka/Yzak fan, I enjoy making new friends on places like livejournal, and am always open to e-mail, as pointed out in the contact section of this site.

And you like Dearka/Yzak why?: So many reasons! Which are better gone into over here. Though my Ship Manifesto essay goes into it, as well. :D

Did you fill out the survey on your site?: Why yes I did. =D And here it is.