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Any questions, comments, requests or suggestions can be directed to taichou [at] yzak [dot] nu -- please subject your e-mail as "Question about Deep Emotion", or something along those lines, otherwise I will probably delete the mail under the impression that it's spam.

If you'd like to be linked, follow the above format, attaching your site's button (if any) to the e-mail, or providing a link to one. I will LINK ANY website that links back to me, it doesn't have to be Gundam SEED-related, and it will be in my Links Out section.

If you'd like to affiliate, please do the same. I am only affiliating with other, and any Gundam SEED pairing or character shrines. I will also affiliate with general Gundam SEED sites, but I do ask that you have a reasonable amount of content to it. These sites will be linked on the sidebar. I hope it's not asking for too much, but if we become affiliates, it'd be nice to have the same or a similar thing instead of just being on a links out page.

When sending a fanart, fanfic, wallpaper, Winamp skin, essay, or anything else, please follow the above suggestion and also attach the fanart/wallpaper image, fanfic/essay file, or Winamp skin .zip to the e-mail. If it wasn't obvious, make sure the work focuses on Dearka/Yzak and please include the following: