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This would be your big collection of quotes from various places, such as the series, video games, and other places. Typed out by me, from various sources and versions of subbed and dubbed episodes of the series.

Gundam SEED

Coming soon.

Gundam SEED Destiny

Coming soon.

Owaranai Asu E (Neverending Tomorrow)

Yzak: Why would Commander Klueze put Athrun in charge? Ugh! Commander Zala, humiliating!

Dearka: No use getting upset about it. Obviously, they think he's cool under pressure, he's even made reports to the council. Buuut you know, when he's out on the battlefield he has a tendancy to be careless.

Yzak: What are you trying to say, Dearka?

Dearka: If anything goes wrong, it's his responsibility. It's the commander's fault if he can't control his subordinates.

Yzak: .. Don't be vulgar! (he turns and walks away)

Dearka: Hey, I was just saying..! (runs to catch up to Yzak, still talking)

Athrun: Dearka!

Dearka: Athrun...

Athrun: Anything wrong?

Dearka: Well, during the last battle, I had a little conversation with Yzak.

Athrun: .. I see.

Dearka: I told him that I didn't want to fight him if i could help it, he didn't wanna listen to me.

Athrun: Sounds like Yzak. (he smiles)

Dearka: You know, this is all so complicated; you go someplace else and all of a sudden, your enemies and your allies have changed places. But inside, were still the same people. It must have been difficult for you, seeing as how Kira's your friend. But I remember how we all were back then, you couldn't tell us how you really felt.

Athrun: .. To make sure this kind of thing never happens again, we have to end this war.

Dearka: ... yeah..