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Dearka Elthman
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Name: Dearka Elthman
Age: 17 || 19 (Destiny)
Birthdate: March 29th, CE 54
Gene: Coordinator (Second Generation)
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 176cm (or 5'10) || 180cm (or 5'11, Destiny)
Weight: 67kg (or 148lbs) || 58kg (or 127lbs, Destiny)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Violet
Alliance: ZAFT, Clyne/Orb faction
Rank: Elite (red uniform)
Speculative First Officer of the Jule Team (green uniform, Destiny)
Related: Son of Tad Elthman
Pilots: GAT-X103 Buster Gundam, ZGMF-1000/A1 Gunner ZAKU Warrior, ZGMF-1001/M Blaze ZAKU Phantom
Voice: Akira Sasanuma (Japanese) || Brad Swaile (Dub)

Gundam SEED

We meet Dearka in Phase-01, part of the elite Klueze-team of ZAFT, who is on a raid of the neutral colony, Heliopolis. Coming off instantly as calm, cool and snarky, he becomes pilot of the Buster Gundam when their mission of capturing four out of five of the Earth Alliance's mobile suits is successful. He's a close friend of Yzak, who constantly backs him up with the hostility he shows toward Athrun Zala, and also makes snide remarks about their other teammate, Nicol.

After Yzak obtains an injury from a battle against the Strike Gundam, Dearka aids him in the next battle against Halberton's 8th fleet Armada, and thereafter falls to Earth with him. They wind up joining Andorew Waldfelt, the Tiger of the Desert, and don't like the idea of being on Earth, or more so in the desert. Dearka, in contrast to Yzak, didn't much question Andy's authority directly but rather spoke his mind behind his back. After Andy was killed and the Archangel moved on, they met up with the rest of Klueze-team, who by that time had arrived on Earth.

When Raww Le Klueze puts Athrun in charge of their team when they're so eager to keep after the Archangel, despite preparations for the upcoming Operation Spit Break, Dearka again sides with Yzak and his thoughts about their newly appointed team leader. Him being too young, questioning his ability to be able to lead the team, joking to Yzak about how if they purposely got out of order that the blame would be on him. When circumstances in the battlefield takes the life of their teammate, Nicol, Dearka, unlike his other two teammates, seemed to not be as torn up about the incident and instead tried to calm both Yzak and Athrun, both of which took it rather hard.

Mid-series, like a lot of other characters, is where we get a lot of turning-points in the series. In the battle following Nicol's death, Buster is taken down by the Sky Grasper, and Dearka surrenders himself to the Archangel to stay alive. There, he makes his snide remarks to Miriallia Haww which results him her going into a range and trying to kill him, which ultimately results in him almost dying, period; when Fllay Allster thereafter pulls a gun on him. Said snide remark was due to Miri's crying, and him asking if her "stupid, worthless Natural boyfriend was killed", which was exactly the reason she was crying.

Afterward, he was quite surprised and even a little guilty that he said that, and cleared it up to her that it wasn't him that directly destroyed the Sky Grasper unit Tolle was piloting. He stays pretty dormant until more twists in the series lead the Archangel to defect to Orb; the Earth Alliance declares Orb as enemies, and attacks them to take over their Mass Driver. Dearka is set free before the battle, gets caught in the middle of it, and winds up helping the Archangel and Orb in their defense against Orb.

At that time, Athrun wound up in Orb and with them as well, questioning his own reasons as to why he was fighting this entire time. He mentioned that if they stayed with them, that they would be fighting ZAFT, but they would also be fighting the Earth Alliance still, and after talking with Athrun and Kira, he decided to stay with them to help them, also somewhat moved by their cause.

The series moves back to space, and the Earth Alliance, ZAFT, and the Clyne/Orb faction all cross paths, Dearka and Mwu enter the Mendel colony after finding out ZAFT was nearby, and run into Klueze and Yzak. Dearka doesn't attack when Yzak comes after him, clearly at a loss at what to do until he lets it be known that he was in the mecha, and still alive. He stayed calm, explaining that he wanted to talk, but Yzak was too overwhelmed with the shock of it all and the feeling of betrayal, so pulls a gun on him. Dearka seemed hesitant, but overall knew Yzak well enough to know that he wouldn't be able to shoot him. He explains that he went through things that made him not want to simply take order to kill Naturals from ZAFT anymore.

After that was tension and angst between them, and conflict that he and Yzak were on opposing sides, he didn't want to harm him. At the very least he blocks the Duel Gundam from attacking his allies, making sure that aside from that, they would not fire at each other. From there, things started to draw toward an end, where the line between enemy and ally almost disappeared, and Dearka found himself protecting Yzak on the battlefield.

In the final battle, Dearka was almost killed by Klueze, who was then piloting the Providence Gundam. Buster gets completely totaled, and he's rendered helpless, but Yzak comes in to save him, being almost just as vulnerable at that time. Risking his life to save Dearka against the Raider Gundam, which entered the battle and tried to kill them both, Yzak uses Buster's one, still intact gun to fire a single, lucky shot that destroys it. He's helped back to the Archangel, and then goes to the bridge to watch as the war comes to an end.

In the Special After-Phase, which takes place at an unmentioned time after the war's end, Dearka is back on PLANT with Yzak, who is in a council uniform, and is escorting him into a meeting room. Their positions were temporary until they returned to battle in Destiny, and it looks as if Dearka is somewhat of a bodyguard of sorts, still in his red elite uniform. Gundam SEED Destiny contradicts this bit, as it's mentioned that him and Yzak went through some sort of court martial, which makes one wonder why they would be in those positions. While one could argue that these positions came AFTER said court martial, as the OVA's time period was unspecified, Dearka was in his red uniform, as opposed to green, which is what he wears in Destiny, so it doesn't seem to point to that, either.

Gundam SEED Destiny

We re-enter Dearka in Phase-05, as Yzak's right hand man upon the Nazca-class battleship, Voltaire. Yzak's team was sent to demolish the ruins of Junius Seven, which were on a crash course to Earth due to the tampering of extremist believers of Patrick Zala. Dearka was sent out to lead the rest of the Jule-team to setting Meteor Breakers up all around the destroyed colony. The Minerva was sent in to aid them, and was at the time carrying Athrun Zala on board, and they're bombarded by said extremists.

Same old same old, upon the reunion with Athrun; Yzak calling him a bastard, telling him not to order him around since he was the commander now, something all too familiar with Dearka because nothing's really changed at all. Fighting in his Gunner ZAKU Warrior, they manage to stop the attack of the extremists and Phantom Pain, but not quickly enough to finish the demolition of the Junius Seven ruins. They fall to Earth, causing mass destruction of the planet, and as the Minerva descends to Earth along with it, Gilbert Dullindal boards the Voltaire to be escorted back to PLANT.

The Earth Alliance launches a counterattack on PLANT after these events, and the Jule-team joins in the mass defense against them. As they hold one team off, the Alliance sneaks a second team in from a different direction, armed with nuclear missiles. Shocked, Dearka and Yzak rush in to try and stop them, but are unable to make it. Luckily, ZAFT was armed with a new weapon, the Neutron Stampeder, which took all of the ships out.

Pretty soon, Athrun was facing indecisiveness at Gilbert's offer to allow him back into ZAFT, pretty new mobile suit and all. He gets a visit from Dearka and Yzak, and he explains that if he wants to go out, his stay was still considered a visit by someone from a foreign country, and with recent events it was a precaution of sorts, so they were sent for that reason, also because somebody knew about the relationship between the three.

They go to visit the graves of Nicol, Miguel and Rusty, and talk about the events that have just taken place in the world. Dearka and Yzak explain that it can't be helped that ZAFT had then declared their right to aggressive self-defense, because the Alliance still intended to destroy PLANT with nuclear weapons. When Athrun is asked to return to ZAFT again, it's explained that both Dearka and Yzak faced a number of problems after the first war, but Gilbert stood by them and said that youths such as themselves shouldn't be punished for the actions started by their leaders, and that because of what they've been through, that they should be the ones entrusted with the future. That's why he's still in ZAFT, because he knows he could make something of it for the sake of PLANT and his friends, just like Yzak does.

In the early 20s, Miriallia Haww suggests that she can't stand it when people try to nitpick and complain about the choices she makes with her life, and that she would dump anybody who tried it. Seeing as she mentions dumping Dearka within five minutes of saying that, obvious signs as well as a Newtype article point to that happening between the two, who had dated sometime between SEED and Destiny. In the mid 30s, when LOGOS is pronounced as the background cause of all of these conflicts by profiting on the economy of warfare, Yzak is visibly irritated by these events. When he snaps at a group of soldiers taking the situation lightly, Dearka tries to calm him down and remarks that his head is going to explode one day, with his temper.

Around the time that Lacus Clyne finally reveals herself to the world against Meer who had been impersonating her up until then, ZAFT forces are sent out to battle against the Alliance, who had deployed strange, cylinder shaped things toward PLANT. Dearka launches with the Jule-team determined to destroy these things that the Alliance are trying to protect. They turn out to be part of the Requiem, a giant laser on the moon that then fires and destroys six PLANTs; four direct hits, two more from the impact of the four. Dearka and Yzak barely make it out of the way of the Requiem's beam, and then watch in helpless horror as over a million and a half people are killed in front of their eyes. Dearka and the Jule team passionately follow Yzak's order to take out the Gounods before the Requiem can fire again at all costs. When ZAFT sends a counter-attack from that, Dearka and the Jule-team fight as hard as they can.

In the final battle, Dearka playfully asks Yzak what they were doing, and if they planned on launching and getting themselves killed. Yzak calls him stupid and tells him that he shouldn't have launched if he's going to think like that, and then follows him out to the battlefield. They run into Athrun again, and Dearka tries to calm Yzak down, who is angry that he came back like this again and explains that they were all out there and aiming to do the same thing; destroy the relay station, so it doesn't matter what he's doing out there, and they should go and just do it together. And they do.

Dearka follows Yzak to cover to Eternal, under the fact that it was a ZAFT ship, and warn them away from the Messiah before it fires. As they protect the ship, we get a small revisit of SEED's Phase-50, Dearka-gets-attacked and Yzak-screams-his-name, but luckily Dearka is safe. When the battle comes to an end, and once everything settles down, Dearka stays aboard the Voltaire and watches the ship while Yzak escorts her back to PLANT. At the end when she is escorted into the council room, fans speculate that one of the soldiers in line on the side that resembles Dearka is in fact, him.