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Information on Duel Gundam, Slash ZAKU Phantom, GOUF Ignited, Voltaire, Buster, Gunner ZAKU Warrior, and Blaze ZAKU Phantom are all from

Find the Way ending image and DVD volume 7 (ZAFT group sunset image) thanks to Ryuuen.

"Connected Hearts" Newtype article translation thanks to aatash at livejournal.

Thanks to Gaia for Gundam SEED raw episodes that I got all of my updated screencaps from.

Doujinshi summaries and translation help thanks to Ryuuen.

Suit CD 5 drama translation thanks to messerschmitt ME163 at, and aesthete_ai at livejournal.

Seki Tomokazu and Akira Sasanuma Voice Newtype interview translation thanks to afuji at livejournal.

Survey help thanks to Ryuuen and Alison.

Suit CD 10 drama translation thanks to aesthete_ai at livejournal.

The Edge scanlations thanks to Ace Alliance at livejournal.

Rengou vs ZAFT PLUS II ending credits image cap thanks to Jenn.

Translations for Newtype magazine flower blurbs, The SEED OVA profiles from Newtype, and the novel exerpt by Cristina.

Translation and editing for the Edge: Desire manga by Cristina and ZL.

Everyone who has ever donated or sent in anything at all for this site, thank you~! You are all awesome and super and full of rainbows and things and I appreciate it SO much. ♥!!!!!