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Yzak Jule
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Name: Yzak Jule
Age: 17 || 19 (Destiny)
Birthdate: August 8th, CE 54
Gene: Coordinator (Second Generation)
Bloodtype: O
Height: 175cm (or 5'9) || 177cm (or 5'10, Destiny)
Weight: 66kg (or 145lbs) || 56kg (or 123lbs, Destiny)
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Blue
Alliance: ZAFT
Rank: Elite (red uniform), Squadron Commander, PLANT's temporary council, Nazca-Class Battleship Commander (white uniform, Destiny)
Related: Son of Ezaria Jule
Pilots: GAT-X102 Duel Gundam, ZGMF-1001/K Slash ZAKU Phantom, ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited, Nazca-Class battleship Voltaire
Voice: Seki Tomokazu (Japanese) || Michael Adamthwaite (Dub)

Gundam SEED

We meet Yzak in Phase-01, seemingly as one of the heads in the raid of Heliopolis. Seemingly, because we see him giving out quite a few orders, and he seemed to be the most informed of the infiltrating team. Upon the successful mission of capturing four out of five of the Earth Alliance's mobile suits, he becomes the pilot of the stolen Duel Gundam. Early on, he shows a hostility toward Athrun Zala and an overall short temper, hence his reaction to Athrun's getting between their team and destroying the Strike Gundam. He comes off straightforward and brash, quick tempered and judgmental; pushing Athrun up against a locker when they failed a mission, insulting Dearka's sarcastic remarks on a situation, and not refuting but simply smirking along with insulting statements about Nicol.

In Phase-11, during a battle between the Klueze Team and the Archangel, Duel takes on the Strike in a one-on-one face off. A close range hit from the Strike pierces Duel's cockpit, resulting in a very bad face injury for Yzak. Vengeance bent and full of rage, Yzak rushes out to the following battle against Halberton's 8th Fleet Armada to once again try to take Strike down. In the battle, a shuttle filled with civilians from Heliopolis, who had been onboard the Archangel, comes between the two Gundams. Beyond most coherent thought and still blind with rage, Yzak shoots it down, under the impression that there were fleeing soldiers inside.

Upon falling to Earth, he and Dearka are ordered to meet up with Andorew Waldfeld, the notorious Tiger of the Desert, and aid him in his own movement to take the Archangel down. At this time, Yzak removes the bandages on his face, revealing a very notable scar across it, and once again swears that he'll take Strike down. His time in the desert consisted of harshly questioning authority to the point of being insulted about his behavior, and a disregard for a battle strategy that leads him to defeat again, due to his quick and self-absorbed judgment. Once the Archangel escaped and Andorew Waldfeld was taken down, he and Dearka moved to meet up the Klueze Team, who had finally arrived on Earth.

With the upcoming Operation Spit-Break, Commander Raww Le Klueze was swamped with preparations, so succumbs to his team's eagerness to keep pursuing the Archangel. He lets them go on their own, and assigns Athrun as leader of the team, which doesn't fly well with Yzak at all. His jealousy for him grows, and throughout their time as a team without their Commander, Yzak frequently questions Athrun's decisions, and makes an extra effort to be smart-assed and rude.

When Athrun went missing for a night, Yzak seemed to take joy in this, playfully remarking that their team's 'glorious' first mission was to rescue their own leader, and then shrug off Nicol's worry and want to look for him sooner, rather than the following day. Once Athrun returned, Yzak argues over what the team should do regarding undercover infiltration to the neutral country of Orb, continuously backed by Dearka. Questioning as to how he was so sure that the Archangel was hidden there despite not finding a single trace, Yzak was unaware back then of the connection between Athrun and the pilot of Strike.

Mid-series, like a number of other characters in the series, we're shown a couple of new aspects of Yzak's mindset. One being his regard to his teammates. He came off rather cold and unfriendly, or not really not to interested at all to Nicol and Athrun's well being, but the death of Nicol shows that despite how he acted openly, Yzak did in fact care for them. Enough to be near the point of tears and anguished enough to push Athrun to the point of almost fighting him, then run from the room with Dearka in tow. The battle following Nicol's death resulted in Dearka being shot down (and taken prisoner aboard the Archangel, but Yzak did not know this) and Athrun's Gundam self-destructing. He seemed to be in denial about this, saying that they had to go back because Dearka and Athrun had to be alive, and that they didn't wear their elite red uniforms for nothing.

In the end, only Athrun returned. But even then, he was promoted to a top gun and wound up leaving almost immediately. As shown in the Suit CD 5 drama, it was obvious he was jealous of Athrun, but with the deaths of both Nicol and Dearka weighing heavily on them, their final meeting was more of a somber one. And despite keeping his mightier than thou tone, the general impression was that he didn't want to take anything for granted anymore. And from there, Yzak was left alone to dwell on the fact that two of his friends were dead, and that Athrun came out on top yet again.

From here, we don't see entirely too much of Yzak. During Operation Spit-Break, he spoke in a very vengeful manner; "This will put an end to things, and those Natural bastards." and made references to his fallen teammates ("You're not taking me down like Buster!"), which further hints to how much he actually did care for them. During the attack on Panama, he questioned how anybody could attack an enemy that couldn't even move; he has a great deal of pride, albeit an arrogant sort, of being a soldier and being loyal to ZAFT. This was why he questioned his own commander about his actions when he had a prisoner on board, and let her roam around as she pleased and accommodated her greatly.

The series then moves back into space, and the Earth Alliance, ZAFT and the Clyne/Orb faction all wind up crossing paths in the battlefield. Yzak and Klueze enter the Mendel colony and are cut off by the Strike and the Buster, Yzak is surprised and insulted that a Natural dare pilot Dearka's unit against him. He engages in combat with it, spurting out more of those vengeful sounding remarks - however, Yzak finds that Dearka is still piloting the Buster, and is very much alive.

Yzak then had a mixture of feeling at the situation; initial shock, a feeling of happiness that he was in fact, alive this whole time, and then the feeling of anger and betrayal that Dearka would leave him and ZAFT for the Archangel. He pulled a gun on him, accusing him of betraying his home, but he was clearly torn. Dearka was his best friend, which played the bigger part in Yzak's hesitance to do anything more that merely point the gun at him and ask him why, the other was Dearka believing in what he was doing as right, which would make someone as close to him as Yzak start to think about his own priorities. Yzak never shot at him, and couldn't even so much as look at Dearka when he left, that's how conflicted over the entire situation he was.

Thereafter, there was notable tension on the battlefield, as well as obvious conflict in Yzak's mind. He didn't want to fight Dearka, and when the two came within distance of each other, they simply moved elsewhere. Yzak's meeting with Dearka clearly impacted him, as when the Vesalius was destroyed, he showed an amount of suspicion toward Klueze's disconcern of it. From here, we see more dramatic change to Yzak's character, and get to see him really shine; he gets promoted to captain of his own squadron, and when the Earth Alliance fires nuclear weapons at PLANT, he rushes in to stop them, determined to not let one get by and looking as if he was ready to throw himself in front of them if that was what it took to stop it.

With the end drawing near, the line between enemy and ally thinned to almost nothing, and in the mess of nuclear weapons, giant gamma rays and crazy Blue Cosmos leaders, Yzak wound up helping and being helped by the Clyne faction, but more specifically and importantly, Dearka. First was a mild case of surprise when he is saved by Buster from an overwhelming attack from the Raider Gundam, and then Yzak goes to help the Strike Rouge and Buster by taking down Forbidden.

In the final battle, Dearka almost gets killed by former commander Raww Le Klueze, who is now piloting the Providence Gundam. Going to aid Buster, both Yzak and Dearka are attacked once again by Raider. With Buster totaled, and Duel severely lacking in any helpful armaments, Yzak still stayed where he was, protecting Dearka from Raider's oncoming fire. In the heat of the moment, Duel grabbed for Buster's only intact cannon, and using the last of its power, they manage to fire a single, lucky shot to destroy Raider. After helping Dearka back to Archangel, Yzak resupplied on the ship to head back out just as the war comes to an end.

In the special After-Phase, which takes place at an unmentioned time after the war's end, Yzak is back on PLANT with Dearka, donned in a ZAFT council uniform. His position on the council was temporary, until he assumed his position as a commander. Gundam SEED Destiny contradicts this a bit, as Yzak mentions he went through some sort of court martial, which would make one wonder why they would appoint him for such a position. And while one could say the OVA's unspecified time could mean this happened after that, Dearka wearing red in the OVA points to that it doesn't seem to.

Gundam SEED Destiny

Re-enter Yzak in Phase-05, now a commander of his own Nazca-class battleship called the Voltaire. The Minerva, which was at the time accommodating Athrun Zala, was ordered to go meet up with and aid his team in demolishing the ruins of Junius Seven, which were on a crash course to Earth due to extremist believers of Patrick Zala altering its path. With Dearka as his right hand man, they work on setting the Meteor-Breakers to the demolished colony to destroy it before it reaches its destination, and are attacked by said extremists.

In comes the crew of Minerva and Athrun to help them out. Yzak responds to the remeeting of his former teammate accordingly, calling him a bastard and telling him that he's the commander now and to stop ordering him around. Going out in his own Slash ZAKU Phantom to aid his team, Yzak and the others manage to stop the attack from the Zala extremists and Phantom Pain, but not quickly enough to finish the demolition of Junius 7's remains. They fall to Earth, causing mass destruction on the planet, and when the Minerva descends to Earth, the Voltaire escorts Chairman Gilbert Dullindal back to PLANT.

In retaliation to Junius 7's falling, the Earth Alliance launches a counterattack on PLANT, Yzak and his team join the mass defense against them. As they hold them off, the Alliance sends a second team to sneak in from a different direction, armed with nuclear missiles. Yzak and Dearka rush in to try and meet them in time, before they launch the missiles at PLANT. Because of the first force they were holding off being decoys, they're unable to make it in time; however, one of ZAFT's new weapons, the Neutron Stampeder, manage to take them all out.

At around that time, Athrun was facing indecisiveness at Gilbert's offer to allow him back into the ZAFT military, shiny new mobile suit and all. Yzak and Dearka pay him a visit, Yzak lunging at and yelling at him the moment he opens the door. He and Dearka were called from the battlefield to escort Athrun around PLANT as his bodyguards and to keep an eye on him, as Athrun's visit to PLANT was still considered as a visit by somebody from a different nation, and with recent events as they were, it was more of a precaution. Yzak is clearly not happy with the situation, preferring to be back on the battlefront.

They go to visit the graves of Nicol, Miguel and Rusty and talk of the recent events taking place in the world. That ZAFT has now declared their right to aggressive self-defense because of the actions taken by the Earth Alliance; Yzak explains that it can't be helped, and Dearka elaborates that they're sure to try to destroy PLANT again by the same means. Yzak asks Athrun what he planned on doing, and asks him to come back to PLANT to help them. He explains that he and Dearka faced their own number of problems between the two wars, but Gilbert stood by their side, saying that youths such as themselves shouldn't be punished for their actions started by their leaders, and that because they faced such times, that they should be the ones to be entrusted with the future.

That was why he continued fighting for ZAFT, he believed he could still make something of it for the sake of PLANT and his comrades who had died, and asks Athrun if he plans to let all of his own power simply go to waste. After that, Yzak doesn't show up in the series for well over twenty episodes, as the focus is then shifted to Earth.

Once Gilbert announces that LOGOS is the background cause of conflict that profits on the economy of warfare, he proposes that everyone aim to take them out of power. Yzak seemed troubled by these events, and snaps at a group of soldiers cracking jokes about it, saying that things are really serious and to try thinking for themselves for a change. Dearka comments that his own head was liable to explode at any time with his temper.

When Lacus Clyne reveals herself to the world against Meer, who'd been impersonating her up until that time, ZAFT fleets are launched to engage in battle against the Alliance, who deployed odd cylinders toward PLANT. Yzak and Dearka attack, and are determined to destroy these cylinders that the Alliance are attempting to protect. They turn out to be a part of the Requiem, a giant laser on the moon that fires at PLANT, destroying six PLANTs; four direct hits, and two from impact by the four. Yzak and Dearka barely make it out of the Requiem's way, and are shocked at the sight of the PLANTs being destroyed. Yzak quickly gathers himself from the initial, shocked, enraged, and orders his team to take out the Gounods before the Requiem can fire again, no matter what. When ZAFT sends a counter attack, Yzak and Dearka fight as hard as they can against the Alliance to destroy the Gounods.

In the final battle, the Voltaire launches into battle, and Dearka asks Yzak what they're going to do. He also jokes and asks him if they plan on launching and getting themselves killed, Yzak calls him an idiot and tells him that if he's going to think that way, he shouldn't have launched in the first place. He then announces he's launching as well, and follows suit, still showing that passionate commander side to be ready to go out and be killed alongside his team, if be it; though he wouldn't go out with that outcome as a choice at all. He's irritated upon seeing the Infinite Justice alongside the Archangel, saying he wants to punch Athrun for coming into the battlefield like that again.

Just like their encounter at the start of the series, Yzak asks Athrun, that 'bastard', what the hell he was doing there. Dearka attempts to calm him down by explaining he was there to do the same thing they were doing, destroying the relay station, and that it doesn't matter, so they should just all go and do that together. And they do.

Yzak and Dearka then go to cover the Eternal, under the fact that it's a ZAFT ship, and warns them away before the Messiah fires, and he and Dearka ward of any attackers to the ship. Dearka gets hit by one of them and we get a sort of small repeat of SEED's Phase-50, Dearka-gets-attacked, Yzak-calls-out-his-name-shockedly. They stay there until the final battle comes to an end, and after things settle down soon afterward, he escorts Lacus back to PLANT, and is seen escorting her into the council room.