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Suit CD 5
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Klueze Team ~ Rival.mp3

Read the manga version of this drama here.


Yzak: Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Dearka: Huh?

Yzak: Shit! Shit!


Yzak: It hurts..

Dearka: Mou, what are you doing, Yzak?

Yzak: Shut up!

Dearka: Why? Did something happen?

Yzak: .. I lost to Athrun in chess!

Dearka: Ah... This time it was chess? What happened to the horseback-riding challenge, did you lose that, too?

Yzak: This is different than horseback riding!

Dearka: I see... You never learn when to drop it...

Yzak: What did you say?!

Dearka: Uh, nothing!

Yzak: What, are you trying to say I'm always going to lose to Athrun!?

Dearka: Of course not! But uh.. aha! In the academy, you had better marksmanship than him.

Yzak: .. he had a fever during the final test!

Dearka: Huh, really.. He's always so pessimistic...

Yzak: WHAT?

Dearka: Nothing! Listen.. next time, challenge him in something you're good at!

Yzak: Chess and horseback riding ARE things that I'm good at!

Dearka: :: sigh ::

Yzak: I was the junior chess champion in Martius City!

Dearka: I know, I know. But if you can't beat him in this, then...

Yzak: IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! That bastard is better than me in mobile suit piloting, melee combat, horseback riding and chess! And he's younger than me!

Dearka: His father is the Chairman of Defense, he was the number one student in the academy, his fiancee is Lacus Clyne...

Yzak: My mother is just a representative, I was number *two* in the academy, and I don't even have a fiancee!!

Dearka: S-sorry..

Yzak: Either way, this time I'm going to beat him next time for sure! I'm going to crush him!

Athrun: Checkmate.


Dearka: Oi, Yzak!

Athrun: If he wanted to forfeit, why couldn't he have just said it? Yzak always gets so impatient during the game, tapping his fingers on the table and fidgeting. Does he always do that?

Dearka: That's just who he is.

Athrun: Eh?

Dearka: Hey, you know, you should lose to him once in a while.

Athrun: What?

Dearka: What do you mean 'what'?

Athrun: I don't want to lose. Who likes losing?

Dearka: Exactly! Always beating him like that... and our room...

Athrun: If I lost to him on purpose, Yzak would be even more angry.

Dearka: Huh?

Athrun: If he did it for me, I'd be unhappy, because there'd have been no real meaning to play in the first place. I think Yzak would say the same.

Dearka: You two... it seems like you're so different, but in a lot of ways you're the same.

Athrun: Also, Yzak is a very formidable competitor.

Dearka: Huh?

Athrun: Lately I've won, but no one knows what the outcome of our next match will be. That's how chess is. That's good at least, isn't it?

Dearka: That's true, but that's no good for me or my room!

Athrun: He's always so angry after the game, I always have to put everything away on my own.

Dearka: Don't ask him to. Because when he loses, asking him to clean up afterwards will make him feel worse.

Athrun: Huh?

Dearka: Hey, what would you say you're not good at?

Athrun: Eh?

Yzak: Singing and painting aren't things that I'm good at either you IDIOT!!

Dearka: Ahh.. I thought so...

Yzak: Well, I can play a couple of instruments a little, maybe I should use that to have a match with him. But what is this all about?! What am I supposed to do with that!?

Dearka: Well...

Yzak: Dearka you bastard! You're meddling in this, aren't you!?

Dearka: Me?! I just want to save my life and my room, that's all!

Athrun: Before that, try and watch out for the time and rules instead.

Dearka & Yzak: Athrun?!

Athrun: What are you doing? The battle simulation is going to start.

Yzak: I know!!

Athrun: Today's doesn't look fun, this is a failed ambush simulation, teamwork is essential to finish.

Dearka: Yzak~ Please don't shoot Athrun in the back while we're in the middle of this.

Yzak: What?! I'm not going to do that! If I shoot him, I'll shoot him face-to-face!

Athrun: But I am an ally! Heh, and as if I'd let you do that to me.

Yzak: You bastard! It was HIM who mentioned it!

Dearka: So that's why all three of us are suppose to be comrades, we should shoot at the enemy.

Athrun: Let's go! Yzak! Left flank!

Yzak: I know! You should look after the enemies below!

Dearka: :: sigh :: No matter what they do, our squad still has the best record.

Yzak: Athrun!! After this is done, I'm going to compete against you again.

Athrun: How?

Yzak: Chess!

Athrun: Okay.

Dearka: It seems like they're nothing alike, but they really are.

Athrun: Enemies at 6 o'clock! Yzak!

Yzak: Stop telling me what to do, you're annoying!

Dearka: Eh? Yzak, that was fast.

Yzak: Shit... Shit... Shit!

Dearka: ... you lost again?

Yzak: NO. I won this time!

Dearka: Huh? Then why are you angry?

Yzak: That bastard, guess what he did when I was about to say checkmate!

Dearka: W-what?

Athrun: :: laughs :: I lost, Yzak, congratulations.

Yzak: THEN he wanted me to shake his hand!

Dearka: That...

Yzak: Shit! That bastard!

[Sounds of banging the table]


Dearka: I wonder if I should switch to another room...

Athrun: Damn it! It's alright, I'll definitely beat him next time!