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Here's a small archive of a bunch of merchandise out for SEED that totally came out just so us Dearka/Yzak fans could squeal and go buy them. :P

Petit Studio Stage 4
Probably the cutest figures out featuring the two of them. XD The ZAFT uniform one is a normal figure while the casual wear one is a special. Aren't the chibi Dearkas in both of them so dorky-cute~?

EF Collection 2
Also included a Kira/Lacus and Shinn/Stellar set, which makes one wonder why they would release a Dearka/Yzak one along with two other popular couples, huh! ;) Figures can stand on seperate stands, but also included are special together ones, in which the 3 sets of 2 characters can pose together to make up a pretty little thing. Like Kira and Lacus' together, has them holding hands.

Gundam SEED Characters 3
Another set of figures that Yzak and Dearka come along with. These figures are individual, yet made to pose toward one another. These figures are adorable, IMO-- and one of my favorites, because really, look at the image! And the way they're looking at each other. XD

SEED Club Tane figurines 1
SEED Club figures!

SEED Club Tane figurines 2
More SEED Club figures! Now they have matching poses. XD

SEED Club Tane figurines 3
So cuuute.

PF Collection 1
Yay cute?

SEED Chibi Gasaphon set 2
This is the second set of the first series set of these gasaphon. This set included Yzak and Dearka in them, both of which are cute. And the little Dearka is saying "Guuureito!" XD

Swing Mascots 1
Cute chibi swinging mascots.

Swing Mascots 2
More chibi swinging mascots~!

Gundam SEED Chara Fortune
Cute little things, to be used as anything: Cell phone dangler, zipper, backpack. The keychains also connect to each other so you can hang more than one off of one thing. The little Yzak one is cute because it has a little grumpy face. Aside from him, the Athrun figure of the set has a little sad face. XD

Plastic Standees
My friend bought this for me at a con. The background is a cardboard standee, and the Yzak and Dearka ones are plastic.

SD with Gundams
I got both of these seperately, they're just.. like explained; SD figures that come with a little version of their respective Gundams.

.. this doesn't need a big explanation. XD Pretty!

Chibi pin.
Chibi image in pin form!

Bath towel.
As it says!