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About the Webmistress

Preliminary: Personal Info

1. What's your name?
Tara. :D

2. What's your gender?

3. What's your age?
At the time of taking this survey, 20.

Part 1: General Preference

4. What appeals to you about Dearka/Yzak?
Sooo, much. Which is better gone into in the ship_manifesto essay and the Dearka/Yzak section of this site. Their friendship, their dynamics, their making sense, their developments around each other. Just, everything eee.

5. Do you think of them as an official couple?
They're not, but you know, when you are a shipper. XD I mean, things that are released of them seem to be pretty.. well. XD Released together in a set of figures where the other two sets were pairings, being part of a set of Newtype articles called "Connected Hearts". So media sources tend to really hint at something, if the series didn't give enough appeal, which it did. THESE THINGS MAKES A SHIPPER'S HEART GO :D.

6. Between Dearka and Yzak, who do you like better? Why?
I like Yzak better. =D Yzak was always my favorite character in Gundam SEED, and I liked pretty much everything about his character and his development. I like Dearka, too, but Yzak was always the one who stood out for me. He's still my favorite.

7. What other pairings do you like other than Dearka/Yzak? (yaoi, yuri, het)
Tolle/Miriallia, Athrun/Yzak, Athrun/Cagalli, Kira/Lacus, Athrun/Meyrin, Kira/Cagalli, can go on but heh, there are some!

Part 2: Canon

8. What were your impressions of Yzak and Dearka at the beginning of the series?
Other than being close, from their actions, I dunno really. I knew they were friends, Dearka was totally the puppy mullet who placated Yzak's anger. XD

9. Did these change as SEED progressed? How?
A little bit, yeah. I never really got the impression that they were as bad as they acted at the start of the series, so I wasn't surprised too much with how things progressed.

10. What did you think of them by the end of SEED?
By then I was totally in love with the both of them. XD They changed so much, and despite anything else happening, they still thought about each other and both aimed for peace so they could go back home together.

11. What was your overall impression of them in Destiny?
"YAY THEY'RE BACK. Oh Yzak is an awesome commander. Dearka so belongs in ZAFT there with him. Boo they're not as big as they were in SEED. D:"

12. At what point in the series did you start to like Yzak?
From the start, really. XD First 10 episodes.

13. At what point in the series did you start to like Dearka?
Depends on what like means. He was always pretty okay to me, but I guess I started to like him more at the start of Destiny.

14. At what point in the series did you start to like Dearka/Yzak?
When they reunited in Mendel, in episodes 44/45. :D

15. What's your favorite SEED scene with them? Why?
Eee that's tough. The whole Mendel scene was good, as was everything with them after that with the angst, and with Dearka saving Yzak from Crot. But the last episode of SEED, probably, when Yzak saves him, because he was ready to die there too and he didn't move and they were just so awesome.

16. What's your favorite Destiny scene with them? Why?
The graveyard scene was really good. Episode 35's head exploding scene was the cutest thing ever. XD And I liked episode 49 as well, when Dearka asks if they should launch out into battle and be shot down, Yzak calls him an idiot, tells him he shouldn't be out there if he was thinking like that, and then says he's going to launch too.

17. What's your favorite Yzak quote?
Most of what he said in episode 11's graveyard scene. But also when he says "How can you attack an enemy that can't even move?"

18. What's your favorite Dearka quote?

19. What's your favorite official image of them?
I think the one where they both have the roses.

20. Which of the mobile suits piloted by them do you prefer?
Slash ZAKU Phantom. I LOVE that mobile suit.

Part 3: Fandom

21. What's your favorite fanart of them? (Link/describe?)
It's really hard to choose one. >: I like pretty much all of them.

22. What's your favorite fanfic of them?(Link/summarize?)
This one is hard, too! XD I like so many! But I'll link a couple. On Boyfriends is really funny. Phantom will make you cry. Breaking the Mirror is really good.

23. Do you like any doujinshi circles that feature them?
Yes! Corundam's art is AMAZING and I love the way she draws the two. Because I don't like when Yzak is drawn too femme. And her doujin are so good too, and have cute stories. Tommy Works is also really good, for the same reasons as the former, they also draw nice porn. Nattsu is another that I really love, she has really good stories. oriz: zonte has really nice art, as does RURU. And Seiletoh has amazing art too, and is Dearka-uke, which is a big plus.

24. Is there a particular DeaYza fanartist you like? (Link if possible)
All of the above doujin-circles. ^_^; I have links to their sites in the links section of the site. Also my friend Rachel/Ryuuen draws like sex. :D I love what she's drawn me.

25. Is there a particular DeaYza ficwriter you like? (Link if possible)
The ones mentioned above! I have their stories favorites on my account.

26. Why do you think Dearka is usually portrayed as the seme and Yzak as uke in fanworks?
With all due respect to Yzak, he's pretty fem looking. (official images do not help this, putting him in womens' coats. XD) so that may be why. Also height rule lol!

27. Do you like this common portrayal? Why?
I see the appeal and most of my works IS Dearka/Yzak, but in a way, no. I really REALLY like Yzak/Dearka, and come on, they're both guys. Not to mention Yzak's got a domination streak like woah.

28. Overall, do you think Dearka/Yzak is accepted in the fandom?
Yes and no? A lot of fandoms gets their smack, so in a sense, you can't say one fandom is 'oppressed moar' because one's definition of the word applies to everything else. It depends on who's saying what. I've had forum experience where people get smashed for speaking against one pairing that is het and popular, and when people gang up on someone who likes a yaoi pairing, nobody does much to stop it. But it might have been bad moderation on said forums, cause I know I've seen that too. ;)

29. Is there anything you'd like to see more of, general fandom-wise?
More official images of Dearka/Yzak! And more fanart and fanfic. There's so much to work with!

Part 4: Behind The Scenes

30. Which seiyuu do you like better/thinks sounds better, Akira Sasanuma (Dearka) or Seki Tomokazu (Yzak)?
... the question of the ages. D: Because I mean, Seki is Seki for crying out loud. But Akira Sasanuma just has this overly SEXY voice. I really like them both.

31. What did you think of Brad Swaile's portrayal of Dearka in the dub?
Better than Yzak's. XD; But eh, I'm neutral.

32. What did you think of Michael Adamthwaite's portrayal of Yzak in the dub?
Yzak is my favorite character so I'm crazy picky, so I diiiiidn't like it that much. But oi, like Swaile, we'll say neutral.

33. If you were given a chance to insert an extra scene at any point of the series, what would it be and when?
Zips shower-sex scene! ... or something close to it. Or a walling scene. Something cute. D: Or hot. Or just MORE SCREENTIME IN GENERAL.

34. What do you think of the art and animation in SEED and Destiny (in relation to the duo)?
Overall I didn't notice many differences in the animation with their staff, but there was one that I really didn't like. XD; You can see their art in episode like. 33.

35. Do you prefer the duo's "looks" in SEED or Destiny? Why?
>_> Another toughie! I'd say Destiny. Not only uniform wise because I love Yzak and Dearka's uniforms. But Yzak's hair is awesome since his ears stick out now, and Dearka has a mullet! And it's a SEXY mullet.

Part 5: Individual Personalities

36. What do you think they were like when they were younger?
Yzak was probably a spoiled, little stuck up bitch, which is to say he probably didn't change much at the start of SEED. Also a mama's boy. Dearka was probably.. I don't know. I imagine him getting into constant fights with his snark-bitchness.

37. What kind of lives/settings do you think they were in as children?
Pink PJs and frills for Yzak See above sort of! I take it since their parents are on the council they must both have a fairly wealthy life. Except Yzak seems much more the proper, stuck up while Dearka the more 'never cared too much about that' type.

38. Why do you think Yzak removed his scar after the war?
Because he matured. He realized that his pride wasn't something that went above everything else, and through his experiences, that he had more important reasons to fight. I think Dearka had a lot to do with that, as well.

39. Do you think Yzak makes a good commander?
Of course he does. :D He's the type of commander that leads his troops well, and he would go out there and die along with them if needed be.

40. What do you think some of their hobbies would be, other than the ones mentioned by official sources?
I dunno really, Yzak probably does crossword puzzles and things like that. He seems the type to want to constantly excersize his brain and solve things. And I dunno but I always pictured Dearka as liking cooking. XD

41. Suppose they never joined ZAFT, what would they have done with themselves?
I think Yzak would have still went into something with politics. Or possibly a doctor or a teacher. I see Dearka as a sort of doctor type too.

42. Do you think the initial Gundams they received (Duel, Buster) suit them? How/why?
Well they weeere supposed to. So yes. Yzak is short tempered and rushes into things, and Duel is equipped for that, he can go in shooting, or he can go close range. Dearka always swings behind and tries to help his teammates, so Buster's long range fits that.

Explain your answers for Questions 43-48.

43. What animal does Yzak remind you of?
A cat or a wolf. XD Like a cat he's so bristly and you can almost HEAR him hissing when he's angry. And he's fierce like a wolf.

44. What animal does Dearka remind you of?
A puppy! Because he's loyal, and Yzak tops him. :P

45. What colors do you associate Yzak with?
The obvious silver. But also things like blue, and cold colors like that.

46. What colors do you associate Dearka with?
Theeee obvious gold. XD Also green.

47. Give Yzak an image song of your choice. (Not Shoot.)
Ookami no Namida by Seki Tomokazu.

48. Give Dearka an image song of your choice.
Returnable Memories from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Part 6: Pairing Dynamics

49. Describe their relationship with a word.

50. Do you think their relationship would be more dominant/submissive, or reciprocal? Elaborate.
Depends on what that means, exactly! |D In bed, take turns! But probably moreso with Dearka being dominant. Buuut in a normal, casual setting, I'd say mostly equal, but since Yzak is the commander type and we DO see them out of a war scene in the dramas, he tends to take the lead then, too.

51. Who would you imagine as the stronger half of the relationship? Why?
Yzak, in the way I'm interprating stronger.

52. According to the novels, they first met each other when they joined ZAFT Academy. What do you think this first encounter was like?
I think Yzak kicked his ass and Dearka was like D: Why do I have to room with this fucking psycho.

53. Why do you think they continued associating with each other after that?
Because they realized they did have a lot in common, and Yzak possibly piqued Dearka's interest to want to get to know him better, unravel his mysteries and such.

54. Who do you think would confess their feelings first?
I can see that going both ways, really. XD It would depend on the situation.

55. Do you think there is a difference in their behaviour around other people and around each other?
Oh certainly. They can be themselves around the other, they're comfortable around each other. They don't need to put up strong fronts or try to show off to each other.

56. Can you think of a good song that matches them? (any song not from Gundam SEED)
Escape by Hoobastank. :D Also Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

57. Which song (vocal) from SEED/Destiny matches them?
Shoot. So very, very Shoot.

58. Why do you think Dearka is in Yzak's squad, aside from their friendship alone?
Well, I do think they wanted to be. I think they wanted to work together after what they went through.

59. Why do you think Dearka was able to go back into ZAFT despite his defection?
Because of Gilbert, but before all of that stuff happened, I would think Yzak tried his hardest to help him as well. Part of me thinks that Yzak was the only one who didn't have any qualms or didn't care about that to want Dearka in his squad.

60. Which one would be the better romancer?
Dearka. XD

61. Overall, what would their life together be like?
Comfortable. Nothing really sappy or over-the-top, just a state where they can be happy together.

62. They have a date on a day off. What would they do during this?
Maybe go out to dinner? Probably nothing too fancy or special, maybe even just chill out at home.

63. There's an argument between them. What do you think the reason for it is?
Some stupid misunderstanding.

64. Who do you think would have started the argument?
Proooobably Yzak.

65. They exchange presents. What do you think they would give each other?
Something that the other would like. Not something really traditional.

66. If they ever got a pet, what kind would it be?
A kitty! :D

67. They get a home of their choice. What type of residence would it be? (apartment, mansion, hut(?), etc.)
I'd think apartment.

68. Where would this home be located? (downtown, suburbs, nowhere, etc) Any reason why?
In the city somewhere. I dunno why really. XD

69. Do you think the two of them would ever make a promise? If so, what kind of promise would it be?
Either to never let happen what they already went through ever again. Or that, regardless of anything that happens, that they'd always be a part of each other's lives.

70. Do you think that promise would last?
Of course. ;)

71. What role, if any, do you think Athrun plays in regard to their relationship?
I dunno really. XD He'd be a hiiiilarious third wheel when they hung out or did something.

72. Do you think their parents would accept their (romantic) relationship?
I dunno! Experience tells me dads seem to be more eh other that kind of thing. But then on the other hand, Ezaria is like a big Yzak with boobs, so is a bitch. So I dunno! |D

Last Words

73. What is Dearka/Yzak to you?
My OTP, and an awesome pairing that makes as much sense as any other pairing out there to ship.

74. What do you hope for the pairing in the future?
Total make out walling scene. Or just a cute.. romantic fluffy type thing. Hur!

75. Any words for the people who read this?
Hi take this survey. :D